Hello world!

Welcome to my page.

What keeps me out of mischeif??? Family History.

I have been researching since 1981 and have met many wonderful people, some family, some researchers of no relation. Family historians are a different breed of people. We love to share our family history because our main aim is to preserve our history for our descendants.

You wont find all your family history on the internet. You may find a lot of indexes and other people’s research but you wont find many original documents and you must always verify other peoples research.

Every month I buy the Australian Family Tree Connection magazine. This month I found another person researching our Matthews Family. What a bonus!

My great grandfather, William Mathews was born in Baden, Germany in 1838, according to his marriage certificate. My aunty applied for this marriage certificate way back in 1978. It states that the marriage was solemnised at Bristane on 14 January 1876 between William Mathews (widow) and Sarah Curry (spinster) in the Wesleyan Parsonage Bowen Terrace according to the rites of the Wesleyan church. William was a watchmaker aged 38 years and lived in Brisbane. His father’s name was also William Mathews – watchmaker. Sarah was born at Ballyhalbert, Down, Ireland and was 21 years old and lived in Brisbane. Her parents were Edward Curry (labourer) and Jane Pack.

The person I have recently met told me that he too had the marriage certificate for William & Sarah. He purchased it in 2003 but has different information than that of the earlier certificate. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The certificate that he has is a scanned copy of the register and it states that William Matuist married Sarah Curry. There is also hadwriting in the margin that reads something like ‘was Matuist, now Mathews’…………………………for 25 years we have been mislead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect reason to share your information with other researchers, you will be the one to benefit providing you verify your research.

Happy researching.

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