Success in Family History

My last blog was written about the Loss of the Montevideo Maru.

I blogged this information hoping it would reach someone who knew Toss’ brother Eric and his family.

Well, the blog worked and I have been contacted by Eric’s daughter and will meet with her next month.

Thanks WordPress!!!!

It is a shame that some people put their head in the sand and think that technology is just all too much.

What’s that saying???????  “We are never too old to learn!”

I watch my 20 month old grandson use his mothers’ ipad. So come on you old foggies, don’t let the kids walk all over you. Get your head out of the sand and have a go. It is really easier than you think and it is fun!

Happy Blogging.

My next blog will be one of my brick walls.

I’m still learning, so this may be a bit boring but we all have to start somewhere.

Life is beautiful!