Our stay at Jugiong Showground has been a relaxing one. Each day we meet someone new all with a common interest.

It was rather cool today and a bit on the windy side too. Not many of us nomads out and about. I think most of the men were watching the cricket and the ladies relaxing doing what they enjoy.

We went for a trip to Gundagai to do some washing and stock up on some food as we are not sure how long we will be here. It is so peaceful.

IMG_0142_2This photo above was taken from the look out overlooking our campsite on the bank of the Murrumbidgee River.

IMG_0133 IMG_0122 IMG_0123

Here is a building that was built with blood, sweat and tears. It must be over 160 years old. Unfortunately it has not found someone to put the work into it to restore it to its former glory. A beautiful masterpiece of stonework.

Across the road from the show ground are a couple of shops and they are very busy with travellers. The Long Track Pantry is a cafe which sells nice coffee and beautiful food.  On Tuesdays they have a cooking school. I don’t know what they were cooking but the aroma got my saliva glands all stirred up!  They make various products. I purchased a beautiful dressing. Anyway, have a look at their website www.longrrackpantyr.com.au  and have a look at their recipes, you’ll find them under BLOG.

There is also a great fruit and veg shop too. Gino’s Fruit and Veg. They share some beautiful recipes too. You will find them on his web page too. http://www.ginosfruitandveg.com.au/recipes/

And last but by no means least there is the Jugiong Wine Cellar where I purchased a nice red…Quarry Hill 2013 Lost Acre Tempranillo……….delisiooooo!!! The website www.jugiongcellars.com

Well, stay safe and happy travels!!


Enjoying the Tempranillo…………I should have brushed up a bit before I took this selfie!  🙂

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