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Lazy day

Today was an R & R day. We vegged most of the day. 

Pepe came about 2 ish and we went for an hour stroll along the Murrubidgee, under the bridge and back to our camp.

Just before dinner another caravan pulled up to our rear, sort of side on. We are now watching his TV. It is mounted on the side of his caravan. One would think the camp is full! We have dress circle seats😳

About 6 small motor homes pulled in and parked side by side. They all got out, grabbed their walking sticks and headed for the river an hour later they are tucked in for the night. 

In front, two motor homes pulled in and parked side by side. A lady and her dog got out of one and a man and his dog got out of the other. What a great arrangement! 

I love to people watch.

There is no such thing as normal.

Hay is getting some rain ATM. 

Supposed to be 33 deg tomorrow. 

Well sweet dreams and sleep tight.


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My name sake


This Magpie was very friendly. It allowed me to get within half a metre from it and I didn’t even have any food.

We are still relaxing beside the Murrumbigee River at Hay.  

Our front yard for the next couple of days. 

The camp filled up last night and by mid morning their weren’t too many of us left. 

I still have some sight seeing to do today when it gets a bit cooler. Expected temperature is 30 deg Celsius. I had to dig out the summer clothes again. 

Stay safe😉