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Goulburn River


The Historic Bridge Seymour spanning the Goulburn River.

A history lesson to keep the grey matter active!😝

The Goulburn River is Victoria’s biggest river which flows through New South Wales and Victoria and is part of the Murray-Darling Basin. 
The Goulburn is 654klms long and begins at Mount Matlock which is situated in the Australian Alps region, at an elevation of 811 metres. It flows into the Murray River at Echua.

End of history lesson. 


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A Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans

Today we headed off into town to find a dump point and laundromat. To my surprise, just near the tourist information centre I saw this helicopter in the sky. 

On further investigation I found the ‘Welcome to the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk”

The wall holds the names of all Australian personel and tracker dogs who served during the Vietnam War.

There is also a Remberance Panel listing the names of those Australian personnel who died during the Vietnam War.

The grounds also display a tank and an artillery gun.



For more information on the Commemorative Walk go to



Well done!

I hope to return tomorrow and spend a bit more time at the Walk. 

Take care and stay safe.❤️

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