Kerang free camp.

We left beautiful Seymour on Tuesday morning and travelled up to Cobram.  Our plan is to spend some time exploring the towns along the Murray River.

Tuesday night was spent at Cobram Willows Caravan Park.  It was very pleasant and this was the 5 th night in a caravan park.  Parked next to us were a lovely couple from Sussex Inlet.  We had happy hour and exchanged stories and phone numbers.  We hope to catch up again soon.

On Wednesday morning we pushed off about 10am heading to Swan Hill, Victoria. We went to Finley then took the Riverina Hwy to Deniliquin then took the Wakool Road. We came across a cute little town called Wakool (pronounced Warcool) where we stopped for lunch and had a chat with the locals.  We passed through Barham and arrived at Kerang.

At Kerang we found a great ‘free camp’ spot at the back of residential homes.  A wonderful couple, Beth and Rex, have opened up their acreage to campers free of charge! Yes, it’s free, off the road and secure!  They are even happy for you to fill your water tanks before leaving.  Now that’s what I call generosity.  But wait, there’s more! They have set up an area for a nice fire with some stumps to plant your bum on and the fire wood is also supplied along with a wooden outdoor setting and a portable loo, too! 

  But wait, there’s more!

This afternoon Beth and Rex came over to introduce themselves and handed us 1/2 dozen eggs, fresh from their free range chooks.  Now, how generous can you get!  

Would you believe that they are fighting the authorities to continue to keep the gates open!  …….what is the world coming to?
We left our van at the free camp and went into Swan Hill to pick up information and have a bit of a look about.  

The residents are having a fun time creating a bit of roadside art using hay. It certainly breaks the journey.  Thank you for the exhibitions. We loved them all!


Apparently, the police requested Cooky’s Creation to be dismantled because they had a complaint!!!

Another lovely end to the day. 
Stay safe.

Generosity is true wisdom.

4 thoughts on “Kerang free camp.

  1. Great pics and travelogue all sounds good glad your having a great time.LOL to you and John.

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