Lake Boga

Lake Boga is just 15 klms south of Swan Hill, Victoria. One of the most significant events in Lake Boga’s history was the establishment of a R A A F No. 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot in 1942 during World War II. Extensive buildings and hangers were built to cater for 1500 servicemen and women and it remained fully operational as a Catalinas repair training depot until 1947. Thanks to the local Lion’s Club there is now a Flying Boat and Bunker Museum opened to the public daily. The museum is housed in the original communications centre used during WWII, with a collection of memorabilia and a theatrette showing authentic footage. A Catalina Flying Boat, rebuilt by the Local Lions Club, is on display. 




This display is a wonderful insight to the history of Australia and World War II.

For more information go to Lake Boga Catalina Museum 

I took over 60 photos today. I can email you the link to these if you are interested.  

A wonderful day today and I hope those on the coast enjoy a bit of sunshine to help them dry out from the terrible storms that have occurred over the past few days.

Stay safe and keep smiling 😜

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