Broken Hill NSW (AKA Silver City)

The silver mining town.

We set up camp at the Broken Hill racecourse. Nice green grass, power and water. 


It is strange, for a city slicker like me, to see the entry of a mine right in the middle of town. It’s sort of picturesque!   

The town itself has a mixture of building. I find BH hard to describe! I guess it’s like a smorgasbord of architecture. Nice town though, I felt comfortable here.

I did a day trip to Silverton. Now that is a great little place to spend a day wandering. The dry creek beds are just  stunning. Photos do not do them justice. I love the outback colours!


Whilst we were here the kids bought us an Outback Astronomy evening. Although the night was cool the stars out on a wonderful show. A sight I would recommend to if they have an interest in astronomy. A night to remember.

We went for a drive to Menindee where th lakes are are drying up. Such a shame but I’m sure Mother Nature will fill them some time soon. 

The pin shows the town of Menindee.

We stayed at BH  for 3 nights.

I will return.

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One thought on “Broken Hill NSW (AKA Silver City)

  1. Thank you for the update relaying to John the skies out west are a thing to behold it is the same at Wee Waa.Keep on travelling well and enjoying yourselves.John & Lorrainne.[?]

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