I’m Back!


Our nomadic life was a great adventure that enriched our life so much. We met some wonderful people, although we may never see them again, they will be etched in our memories forever!

The beauty of Australia is never ending! The towns we visited were very welcoming, except for one, well life isn’t perfect, and we were not about to let that upset our experience.

We ventured on The Spirit of Tasmania to visit family and found that we felt very much at home on this little island.

So, almost twelve months later, here we are now Taswegian’s! The caravan has been sold, and we are once again homeowners and settled once again!

I have since signed up to the University of Tasmania (UTAS) studying for a Diploma of Family History and loving it! I have gained so much knowledge and can’t wait to unpack my mountains of family history paperwork and books, once again!.

So, from now I will be blogging about my daily/weekly happenings.

There will be a bit of family history, Tasmanian history, Town history and some ramblings of what is happening.

12 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. We have both fallen in love with Tassie. Who would have ever thought we would both be living here. I look forward to lots of sister adventures with lots of laughter xx

  2. Happy for you & John, We might get to catch up over there in the future (we loved Tasmania) and intend to have another visit, maybe after our next jaunt to N.Z. in March 17. Cheers and say Hello to family over there. xxxx

    1. Hi, Dennis and Sue. We would love to see you both again. I too love Tasmania, especially the weather. I know it rains a lot here but we cannot live without water, and here the water is pure and sweet! Take care xxx

  3. Welcome back to the land of active bloggers! I thought I would never meet you again on cyberspace. While you are no longer traveling in your caravan, your memories will keep you going, and I am looking forward to a lot of reading during our upcoming winter months. Warm greetings from Canada!

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