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The Saga of six William APPS’. From Kent to Camden

Written and compiled by M. Hope 2022 and research assistance from Jan Byrne 1939-2011

This post won’t be for everyone. It is a post that I feel I need to write about because we have so many William APPS’ in Camden, New South Wales area, they are being very much confused and recorded in the wrong families. . 

To make my post seem more comprehensible I shall introduce each William chronologically, number them respectively and then put them into the family tree.  At the end of this post I have inserted a Family History Dropdown Chart of six generations beginning 1726. 

If anyone requires further information or source detail, please contact me through this post.

1. WILLIAM APPS 1756 – ? Parents: Richard APPS & Susanna MUNNS

William APPS and Thomas APPS were sons of Richard APPS and Susanna MUNNS. William was born in 1756 in England and he married Mary COLLISON in 1780 at Marsden, Kent. They had a son  John APPS who was born in 1798 in Horsemonden, Kent.  John is my paternal GGGG Grandfather. John migrated to Australia, with his wife and six boys, in 1839 onboard “Royal George” as Bounty Immigrants. The family worked on Macarthur’s Farm at Camden and McLeay’s property, Brownlow Hill and later at John Peter’s property, Yarrabee, at Wagga Wagga.

2. WILLIAM APPS 1782 – 1851 Parents: Thomas APPS & Jane CONSTABLE

Thomas APPS (above ), son of Richard & Susanna APPS, married Jane CONSTABLE and they had a son William APPS born in 1782. He married Susannah CLAPSON. Therefore, William (1) is the uncle to William (2)..

3. WILLIAM APPS 1812 – 1886  Parents: William APPS & Susannah CLAPSON.

William (3) was born in 1812 in Kent England migrated to Australia onboard “Cornwall” in 1839 as a Bounty Immigrant. He worked for Mr John Blaxland (brother of the explorer, Gregory), as a labourer at Newington Estate. When John Blaxland died in 1851 it appears William went to Camden, where he knew relatives resided.  Here he married widow Mary BLUNDELL in 1855. Her husband, Thomas BLUNDELL died in 1853. Both William and Mary are buried in St John’s Churchyard Cemetery, Camden in the same grave as William APPS (4) in Grave No A127. Mary’s Husband, Thomas BLUNDELL is buried in Grave No A126. William (3) also had a brother Thomas born in 1808. He married Ann FERRIS and they had a son in 1836 named……. William (5). More on him later. 

4. WILLIAM APPS 1822 – 1870 Parents: John APPS & Ann HUMPHREY

William (4)  was born in Kent, England. He migrated to Australia with his parents onboard “Royal George”. He married Mary DAVIS. His death certificate states he was a butcher when he died from a fit in 1870 at Menangle. He is buried at St John’s Churchyard Cemetery, Camden, in an unmarked grave (Grave A127) with his son John, who died aged nine in 1856. William (4) is the grandson of William (1).  William 3 & 4 are second cousins. 

5. WILLIAM APPS 1836 – 1912 Parents: Thomas APPS & Ann FERRIS

William (5) was born in Kent, England. He migrated to Australia onboard “Washington Irving” in 1857. He stated he was a Shepherd and he had an Uncle living in Camden. This Uncle was William (3). William (5) married Emily Jane BLUNDELL at Camden Park in 1859. Emily was the child of Mary BROOKER & Thomas BLUNDELL. William APPS (3) was her stepfather. I guess William and Emily were first cousins by marriage but not blood. William and Emily had a son born at Cawdor, New South Wales in 1862 and they named him William (6)

6. WILLIAM Thomas APPS 1862 – 1951 Parents: William APPS & Emily Jane BLUNDELL

William married Evangeline Jane DOMINISH.

Dropdown chart depicting the various William APPS’ and where they fit into out family. M Hope 2020
Unmarked Grave A127 at St John’s Churchyard Cemetery, Camden. Jan (Apps) Byrne placing flowers on her Great Great Grandfather’s grave in 2003. At this time we were unaware there were four people interred here.