Rosenia Maud/e Webber nee Matthews

Rosenia Maud/e Webber 1875 – 1927

Recently I was asked a qestion by my Aunty, about her grandmother, Rosina, as we called her.

This prompted me to dig a little deeper and document my findings for prosterity. Although I knew quite a bit about her, through research and information handed down by our past family historian Aunty Jan and other tid bits I had discovered but not really documented. So, the question asked pushed me to the keyboard!

Below you will find:

  • Documentation detailing my research.
  • A copy of Deeds to Lot 31 Government Road, Mascot – the property Rosenia Maude Matthews purchased in 1912 and details of her mortgage.
  • Rosenia’s Last Will & Testament dated three months prior her demise.
  • Rosenia and Edward’s Family Portrait taken in 1926.
  • Newspaper article published in Milton Ulladulla – The Times, Wednesday December 9, 2009.

This photo was taken in 1926, prior to Rosina’s death in March 1927.
I believe all the dresses were made by Rosina and family.

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