Another form or Oral History.

How many of you listen to podcasts?

I find them great to listen to when I am in the car travelling distances. Recently, I had a 3-1/2 hour solo trip. I listened to three podcasts. The time just flew by and I was at my destination in no time.

The Podcast I listened to was Australian Seniors, Life’s Booming with James Valentine. They are very different but the same and were all from different walks of life. By that I mean, they talk about people of every day life and how their lives differ so much. It certainly made me think about how fortunate I have been throughout the decades.

Listening to those podcasts also made me aware of other people’s ‘normal’. I believe that there is no such thing as normal as every one is unique and we all do and see things differently.

The first podcast was Tod Russell, one of the two men trapped for days in an underground mine in Beaconsfield, Tasmania and how his life changed in a single second.

Another was about Christine Henry, from Allora, Queensland (the town I am familiar with) and the events that lead her to a fruitful role in life.

Rosie Batty was another outstanding story. Her son Luke was murdered by his father. My heart went out to her as she tells of her struggle in life since 2014. A remarkable woman!

Bridget Sakr lost her daughter when a driver crashed into her and her cousins. Bridget is another remarkable woman who who draws on her faith and forgave the driver who killed her child. She taught me a lot about forgiveness!

Rosemary Kariuki, a lady who came to Australia from Kenya and what a difference she has made to the community. She now works with the police and community to educate people within the diverse multi cultural country we live. Her laughter is so contagious!

Tim Baker, a journalist, surfer and family man diagnosed with stage four cancer and how he has survived the diagnosis. A couragous man!

This is just one podcast station. Over time I have listened to podcasts on photography, genealogy, DNA, cooking. You name it, there is a podcast out there for you.

Most people have mobile phones today where podcasts are available to listen to when travelling by car, plane, train or boat. Download them to your device if you are going somewhere remote where wifi or the internet is not available.

That’s my view on podcasts and I think they have given me a better understanding of who I am and how we all deal with life challenges uniquely.

Don’t forget about your life! It is important to preserve your story for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and future generations.

I am very fortunate to have a recording of my maternal grandmother who was in Prince of Wales Hospital whilst recovering from a leg amputation, when a news channel was interviewing the wonderful work the nurses carried out and how they were understaffed. She was interviewed and our family can still listen to her voice and her beautiful laugh. Due to the technological age we live in, the recording has been shared around to her grandchildren. Her great grandchildren and future generations are now privileged to see her in an almost real live situation.

I also have a recording of my father. You can read about that in a previous post, Oral History back in September, 2022.


So, don’t hesitate in making a recording of your children, parents, uncles and aunts. Once they are deceased, you may recall ‘what’ they have said but their voice will fade over time.

Oral history is part of family history research. It is just as important as the names and dates.

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