It’s a busy life when one is retired.

Of days gone by.

When I was working I use to think that I could never retire. “What would get me out of bed each day”, I use to think to myself. I was so regimented that the norm was to get up, go to work, crave for the weekend and repeat.

Most of my travel is now done solo and I stay with friends or family or motel/hotel accommodation.

It has been over a decade since I retired and I have never missed working. Travel took over my daily work schedule. Travelling around the countryside in our caravan was a memorable time. We visited many beautiful places and met several like minded people of whom we are still in contact with. I have had two trips to the UK which were also very memorable times with lots of laughs and treasured times that will be with me forever. Bali was the place to go with my daughter and the USA was a fabulous holiday our family enjoyed on 2018/9 and made everlasting memories.

I often wonder how I found time to work. But, in saying that, my housekeeping skills have improved since retirement. When I was working time was of the essence and several chores were not completed as regular as they should have been done.

I enjoy my own company and on long journeys love to listen to podcasts or my selection of playlists that I have downloaded onto my phone. I am happy to take myself to a restaurant for dinner alone. I find it interesting to people watch, without judgment, of course.


Thinking about this week, there has not been a day without an event happening daily. Oh well, there is always next week and I’m sure the housework won’t disappear or the grass will stop growing.

Until next blog, enjoy yourself and keep smiling.

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