Success in Family History

My last blog was written about the Loss of the Montevideo Maru. I blogged this information hoping it would reach someone who knew Toss’ brother Eric and his family. Well, the blog worked and I have been contacted by Eric’s daughter and will meet with her next month. Thanks WordPress!!!! It is a shame thatContinue reading “Success in Family History”

Lost on the “Montevideo Maru”

  Arthur “Toss” Parker was eighteen years and one month old on 4th April 1941 when he enlisted in WWII. He was too young to join the A.I.F., so he volunteered for the Anti Aircraft Anti Military Landing Craft Defence Force, Rabaul. After his compulsory training and pre-embarkation leave, he embarked on HMAT Neptuna onContinue reading “Lost on the “Montevideo Maru””