This is my footprint in cyberspace.


Hello, My name is Maggie Hope and I love researching family history. It has been a hobby since 1981. I also enjoy family gatherings, travel, photography, music and reading.

Family, Photography, Music, Travel, Research and reading are my interests.

If you stop learning you die! Life is a constant learning phase. It is impossible to know everything. (Well, some will disagree, I know!) It is a nice feeling of self satisfaction when you know nothing about a particular subject, topic, event or craft and you are challenged to learn, watch, create, construct and complete.

Carpe Diem! C’est la vie.

The world is your oyster, as the saying goes, there is no trial run.


I am now retired and able to pursue my hobbies. I truly do not have enough time to do what I want to achieve.


During the winter I love to sit in the warmth of my lounge room and knit or crochet. Curl up in bed and read a novel. Enjoy the aroma of chicken and vegetable soup cooking the stove.


My days are filled with volunteering for the local family history group, taking my fur baby for walks, capturing photos of whatever takes my eye, travelling in my little camper van, reading novels, mostly Australian history novels. We have some wonderful Australian authors.


Travel is always on the agenda. I have been to Bali, Brazil, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Thailand. Toured parts of Australia and free camped along the way. There is still a lot of my homeland I have to see.