Enjoying the Tasmanian sunshine


I am a family history researcher and my name is Maggie Hope, although I am also known as Marg, Margie and Margaret. I answer to all.

I am retired and live South of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia.

My number one interest is Family History. I have been researching since 1981. In 2019 I received my Diploma in Family History through the University of Tasmania.

This is a platform for me to share with family and friends my photography, family history, my travel adventures and anything else I get excited about.

The next phase in my life is Oral History. I touched on this when I was studying for my Diploma in Family History and I would now like to preserve the voice of our loved ones for future generations. Oh, how I wish I could hear my grandparent’s voice once again!

I believe it is important to know where we came from and what our forebears were like as a portion of their genes is passed on to each of us. Our eye and hair colour, personality, face and body shape all come from our past.

Through study, it taught me the importance of preserving our past. I have collected many stories about my family that I would like to share with you so they can be passed down to generations to come.

If you would like assistance with compiling your family history I am happy to chat with you and come to an arrangement.

This space is also a place for me to pen my thoughts and feelings. It is important, I believe, to be able to express ones’ self without judgement.

With mental health issues happening in our society, we must be able to be ourselves and not be judged. We must be able to live the life we want to live, not the life others feel we should live.

I hope you enjoy my prose and if I can be of assistance to you, please send me an email.

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