Lake Houdraman, Quilpie, Qld

Our next stop from Toompine was Quilpie. Another cute town. We found a free camp right by a lake.

Lake Houdraman was a haven for birdwatchers and also the residential emus and cattle as well as a goanna.

It was here we met up with Carina & Pete. We enjoyed our campfires and chin wags over the next four evenings.

We did a little fossicking for opal, too.

It was at this town that us city slickers found that in the outback everyone enjoys the week end. The shops close at noon on Saturday and re open again on Monday. 

June 2nd.

The clouds started rolling in and we were concerned that we may get bogged in if we were here in the wet so we headed off to Windorah.


Toompine pub.

Toompine Pub – the pub with no town. Populations: 2 

We had a great free camp here with power and water. It was Friday night and the shearers were thirsty. The place was jumping with about 20 people all enjoying the atmosphere. There were 4 guys who had been shooting out on a property, a couple who travelled 75 Klms to have a drink and dinner a couple of backpackers and the free campers. It was an interesting evening. Thank you.

Life’s good on the road.

Cunnamulla Qld

We free camped behind the pub at Cunamulla.  Our wonderful hosts, Bob and his wife were so welcoming. It is a very hospitable town too. We stayed 4 nights here.

This is a statue of the Cunamulla Fella.

The plaque States. The Cunnamulla Fella

Immortalised in song by. Stan Coster/Slim Dusty

May 26 – 29

Bourke NSW

We camped by the river at North Bourke. A lovely free camp where we met a couple who have been on the road for 14 years. We learned a lot from that lovely couple.

I talked John into buying a small chainsaw so we could have a campfire so I decided we needed a camp oven. The nomad couple gave me a few tips on cooking in it. First meal, vegetable soup which tasted like crap. We buried that!  Apparently I didn’t season the camp oven properly. Second attempt was pumpkin scones. As per the photo above, they tasted as good as they looked…….success.

We enjoyed 6 great nights here.

I also took this lovely photo of a White Plumed Honeyeater.

Wilcannia, NSW

Wilcannia has had a bad reputation for some time but meeting up with other nomads we were told there was a nice caravan park just out of town called Warrawong, so we decided to check it out.

All sites are level with lovely green grass (no dust), water and power and the amenities block is huge and spotless. A great camp kitchen and a fire pit located in front.  Every evening, at 5pm, the fire is lit and the campers begin to gather. Our hosts, Jenny and Joe, have been busy in the kitchen setting up a lovely platter of cheese, bickies and various dips and salamis. One night Joe  cooked up some calamari over the coals…………..just delicious! That’s not all, at 10am Jenny has had the oven stoked and it’s time for scones, jam and cream.  They know how to look after their campers. We took advantage of the ‘pay for 3 nights get the 4th night free’. Thanks guys for the pleasurable stay.

We had a look around Wilcannia. A nice town but it is looking a bit sad as most of the shops have closed down. I am not sure of the population, but on Saturday the football field was the hive of activity with all the youngsters have a game of footy.

IMG_9958 IMG_9966 IMG_9973 IMG_9947

So if you are out  that way stop by and help this little town back on their feet.

Warrawong Caravan Park also has cabins. you can meet ‘Rissole’ the emu. She is very inquisitive and be careful of your jewellry!

u.IMG_0041 (1) IMG_0039 (1)


Well the next town was White Cliffs. They were having a Music Festival but we visited during the day and all the action appeared to be happening in the evening.

White Cliffs is an Opal town and the majority of the homes are underground. The only way the residents can live in the heat.

This town has to be seen to be appreciated. Well worth the visit.

I just love the colours of the outback. Maybe I am repeating myself but it seems to calm me.


An underground house at White Cliffs.

Next stop…………Bourke

Keep smiling, we are!

Broken Hill NSW (AKA Silver City)

The silver mining town.

We set up camp at the Broken Hill racecourse. Nice green grass, power and water. 


It is strange, for a city slicker like me, to see the entry of a mine right in the middle of town. It’s sort of picturesque!   

The town itself has a mixture of building. I find BH hard to describe! I guess it’s like a smorgasbord of architecture. Nice town though, I felt comfortable here.

I did a day trip to Silverton. Now that is a great little place to spend a day wandering. The dry creek beds are just  stunning. Photos do not do them justice. I love the outback colours!


Whilst we were here the kids bought us an Outback Astronomy evening. Although the night was cool the stars out on a wonderful show. A sight I would recommend to if they have an interest in astronomy. A night to remember.

We went for a drive to Menindee where th lakes are are drying up. Such a shame but I’m sure Mother Nature will fill them some time soon. 

The pin shows the town of Menindee.

We stayed at BH  for 3 nights.

I will return.

Wentworth NSW (Where the Darling River meets the Murray River)

Well, it appears that I am   having lots of fun as I have not been able to get an opportunity to update my blog. Sorry followers!

After Nyah Victoria, Wentworth NSW was our next destination as we follow the Murray River.


Our next few days was spent at Thegoa Lagoon which was just past the No 10 Lock & Weir. Another beautiful spot by the river.

We free camped here for 5 glorious days and met two nice couples, one from WA and the other from Victoria. Happy hour each day around the camp fire.⛺️

We looked around the town which had a gaol which was built during 1879-1881 and operated until 1927. The Education Department took over in the 1930s and was a school for several years.  

     Four klms out of town sits the Perry Sandhills consisting of 400 acres of red sand hills which have been the location of filming many scenes from Australian and international films, including The Man from Snowy River II, Burke & Wills, Flying Doctors and Boney. Many TV commercials and also music videos were also made at the hill – Slim Dusty’s ‘Looking Forward – Looking Back’


Ok, lots to catch up on so off to the next town.

Take care and keep smiling.

Nyah, Victoria.

We stayed at Nyah for 5 days. Our camp was at Nyah Recreation Reserve behind the Harness Racing Track located on the Murray River. 

Murray River at Nyah 
Our stay was an enjoyable one. We met Alan & Pam from South Australia and Bryan, Carol @ Boo Boo from Brisbane  and Jock & Annie who have been on the road for 13 years and originate from Charters Towers. The warmth of the camp fire encouraged many funny stories to emerge. 

My 12 year old mate Boo Boo. 
On Monday the weather forecast was to be windy so we decided to head to Swan Hill to do some laundry. On the way back to Nyah we hit a dust storm.


On Tuesday we decided to head toward Mildura but had to go to Swan Hill first. We asked around as to where we may find somewhere to wash the vehicles and was told to head to the sale yards. There we would find a hose. Well, we met Trevor the truckie and he told us to follow him to his depot and we could clean up there. 

Such a gentleman. Country folk are so hospitable! So I thought I should give him a plug.  

Gils Northern Freight Service at Swan Hill Victoria.

Thanks to the Lions Club we had a wonderful stay at Nyah.

Stay safe 😘

We need to learn how to hold “no grudges” concerning belongings. We can only get something in return after giving out something else.


Lake Boga

Lake Boga is just 15 klms south of Swan Hill, Victoria. One of the most significant events in Lake Boga’s history was the establishment of a R A A F No. 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot in 1942 during World War II. Extensive buildings and hangers were built to cater for 1500 servicemen and women and it remained fully operational as a Catalinas repair training depot until 1947. Thanks to the local Lion’s Club there is now a Flying Boat and Bunker Museum opened to the public daily. The museum is housed in the original communications centre used during WWII, with a collection of memorabilia and a theatrette showing authentic footage. A Catalina Flying Boat, rebuilt by the Local Lions Club, is on display. 




This display is a wonderful insight to the history of Australia and World War II.

For more information go to Lake Boga Catalina Museum 

I took over 60 photos today. I can email you the link to these if you are interested.  

A wonderful day today and I hope those on the coast enjoy a bit of sunshine to help them dry out from the terrible storms that have occurred over the past few days.

Stay safe and keep smiling 😜

Kerang free camp.

We left beautiful Seymour on Tuesday morning and travelled up to Cobram.  Our plan is to spend some time exploring the towns along the Murray River.

Tuesday night was spent at Cobram Willows Caravan Park.  It was very pleasant and this was the 5 th night in a caravan park.  Parked next to us were a lovely couple from Sussex Inlet.  We had happy hour and exchanged stories and phone numbers.  We hope to catch up again soon.

On Wednesday morning we pushed off about 10am heading to Swan Hill, Victoria. We went to Finley then took the Riverina Hwy to Deniliquin then took the Wakool Road. We came across a cute little town called Wakool (pronounced Warcool) where we stopped for lunch and had a chat with the locals.  We passed through Barham and arrived at Kerang.

At Kerang we found a great ‘free camp’ spot at the back of residential homes.  A wonderful couple, Beth and Rex, have opened up their acreage to campers free of charge! Yes, it’s free, off the road and secure!  They are even happy for you to fill your water tanks before leaving.  Now that’s what I call generosity.  But wait, there’s more! They have set up an area for a nice fire with some stumps to plant your bum on and the fire wood is also supplied along with a wooden outdoor setting and a portable loo, too! 

  But wait, there’s more!

This afternoon Beth and Rex came over to introduce themselves and handed us 1/2 dozen eggs, fresh from their free range chooks.  Now, how generous can you get!  

Would you believe that they are fighting the authorities to continue to keep the gates open!  …….what is the world coming to?
We left our van at the free camp and went into Swan Hill to pick up information and have a bit of a look about.  

The residents are having a fun time creating a bit of roadside art using hay. It certainly breaks the journey.  Thank you for the exhibitions. We loved them all!


Apparently, the police requested Cooky’s Creation to be dismantled because they had a complaint!!!

Another lovely end to the day. 
Stay safe.

Generosity is true wisdom.