SS Montevideo Maru Found after 81 years

SS Montevideo Maru has been found. At last the resting place of more than 900 POWs is located. This is a great relief to so many families.

Arthur “Toss” Parker (1923 -1942) now has a known resting place.

Lest We Forget.

You can read about Toss in my previous posts.


Remembering Arthur “Toss” Parker 1923 – 1942

Some time ago I wrote about Toss. You can read it here: Lost on the Montevideo Maru. Just to reflect on Toss, he was a young boy of 18 years old when he arrived at Rabaul. Soon after his 19th birthday it is presumed he drowned after the Japanese prisoner of war ship was torpedoed, not far from Luzon in the Western Pacific Ocean, the largest island in the Phillipines.

Sunday 23 January 2022 is the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Rabaul, by the Japanese. Here is a story of the event from Barney Cain who survived the ordeal. Barney is now in his 100th year of life and tells the story of his survival. Veteran: Barney Cain

There are several books written on the attack on Rabaul.

The few I. have are:

Selby, David ,Hell and High Fever. Sydney, 1956

Aplin, Douglas, Rabaul 1942. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 1980. 1994

Reeson, Margaret, Whereabouts Unknown, Sutherland, NSW, Australia 1993

Reeson, Margaret, A Very Long War , Burwood, Victoria, Australia 2000

Townsend, Ian, Line of Fire, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 2017

Note from author: “Your life was short Toss, but I will ensure you are remembered.