At the moment I am preparing to travel for three months. Although there is no hard and fast roadmap the plan is to drive north along the east coast, heading toward Townsville, across to Darwin then down to Uluru. Maybe tour on to Cooper Pedy then east toward home.

It has been a busy time preparing the motorhome for the journey. Today the signage began, thanks to Sam at Bomaderry Printing.

Butterfly with Miss Molly sign placed on the bulkhead of the motorhome.
Miss Molly the Merc.

Miss Molly is a very dear friend who passed on in 2017. We made many memories together. Molly was a good cook, a person who loved life and thrived in her garden, but above all she was a wonderful wife, mother, sister, aunty and friend.

The butterfly is a magical winged messenger. It is a sign that the spirit of our loved one lives on. The colour purple represents peace, mystery and magic. It was Molly’s favourite colour.

A photograph on the back window was taken at Bicheno, Tasmania.
Bicheno, Tasmania.

The photograph on the back window was taken at Bicheno, Tasmania. A favourite photo belonging to my sister, Denise. Hopefully it will take away the boredom of the motorist stuck behind Miss Molly chugging up hill at 40 kilometres per hour.

Stay tuned, there are more decals to come.