The Simple Things

Whilst standing at the sink washing the dishes memories flood back as I pick up the jug and immerse it into the suds.  It’s just a microwave jug with fluid measurements along the inside wall.  I turn it upside down to investigate the creator of this vessel. There is no brand name, place of creation or anything else identifying the vessel.  It is just a jug!

The Jug

Whilst holding this jug my mind is taken back to several years ago when my father lived on the hill in Warwick. In my mind, I can see the pantry door open and Dad getting out the Deb Instant Mashed Potato packet and placing the contents in the jug with some water, placing it in the microwave, closing the door and pressing the buttons for the desired time to cook. Beep, beep, beep, beep!

Oh, how he loved his Deb!  “The best thing since sliced bread,” he told me so often.  

He enjoyed cooking and he loved a quick and easy recipe.  His fruit cake made with just a few ingredients including chocolate milk was one of his favourites.  He also had a treasured signed book from the 4 Ingredients authors that he used on several occasions too. Yes, that one I have also.  

I remember when Dad went into care my sister and I had the job of clearing out Dad’s house which was opposite the racetrack at Warwick and when I opened the bottom cupboard and saw the jug, I put my hand on it and said to my sister, “ I want that jug!”

It’s just a 1.3-litre microwave jug but it was something my father used often. It was an object he favoured. I had to have it! It doesn’t sit on a shelf as a monument to my father. It lives in the bottom cupboard with the mixing bowls and gets used often. Every time it is used it creates memories of Dad and Deb! 

When a loved one is no longer with you it is comforting to have an object that they used to create those good-time memories that allow you to become reminiscent of that person’s being. 

Do you have a valueless piece of something that belonged to a loved one that is treasured?

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